Don’t Spill Your Coffee or Coffee Micro-Hydrodynamics

So here’s a new discovery. At least to me.

Do you ever walk around with a cup of coffee, or some other slopping tasty beverage in your hand? Do you ever spill some? On your fresh washed shirt/blouse/skirt/pants/shoes/boss?

Well, with a bit of finesse, it needn’t be so. After much research on Hydrodynamics and Wave Interference patterns, I hit upon a solution.

If you watch what happens when you start to walk with that cup’o’fluid, you will see it start to slop back and forth. Usually pretty much in time with your step, until it sloshes out. And usually it moves forwards and backwards. Well, that my friends is essentially a wave. Sure, a pretty simple wave, but one nevertheless. So, the thing to do is to set up another wave. One that interferes with the original wave in such a way that in cancels it out. Robs it of energy.

The way to do that is as follows:

When you walk holding that full cup, gently move it from side to side in an approximately 10 inch smooth arc. That distance may change depending on your walk, but it’s a good place to start. Roughly about the same cycle as your walk. If you get it just right, you will have the forward and lateral wave intersecting in just the right spot to cancel each other out. And voila, no more spills and no ticked off boss. 🙂

Oh, probably a good idea to practice with water in a safe place first until you get the hang of it.  It’s sure worked for me and I can haul a full cuppa from the front of a 10,000 square foot store to the back in no time at all with nary a drop spilled.

Who knew?

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